Deep Dive #5 - The Health Tech Revolution

The future of personal health and healthcare

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This week we will be diving into some exciting findings from the healthtech startup space. 

Removing the Burden of Healthcare 🦿

India’s healthcare system has massive logistical issues. With a population of 1.3 billion people this is hardly a surprise.

What is rather interesting is Indians with chronic illnesses have a much tougher time than any other health demographic. Increased friction for processes such as scheduling and purchasing medicine and devices leads to problems like patients neglecting their medication after a period of improvement. 

A new startup, Phable, is making the lives of patients easier by being the all-in-one app for appointment scheduling and healthcare tracking. What makes this company stand out is they’re focused on reducing how involved the patient is in the logistics of healthcare. They integrate automatically with IoT medical devices (glucose trackers, blood pressure monitors, etc.) and allow for doctors to remind patients to take medication. 

And there are companies in the U.S. such as Curai and One Medical also trying to lessen the burden of healthcare on the patient, and allowing for patients to focus more on their health. 


After the Fitbit and the Apple Watch, there seemed to be very little room for new players to enter the wearable market. 

However there have been multiple promising companies who have emerged. One of them is WHOOP, which allows users to have actionable insights for managing their training, sleep, and recovery from the device. What makes WHOOP from other wearable companies is the device is free, instead WHOOP charges a subscription fee to track metrics and have access to the WHOOP community. 

Although WHOOP has gotten a lot of attention in recent months after raising its series D, another company, Oura, is hot on its heels. Oura is a ring integrated with sensors that measures many of the same things as WHOOP, and so it’ll be interesting to see how the two companies diverge as they try to dominate the biotracking niche. 

It’s good to see continued innovation in the wearable space because for most of the information age, we’ve seen advances in using data to improve various systems related to businesses. It's a pleasant sight now technologies are enabling data-backed advancements to the human condition as well. 

Healthcare at Home 🫀

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence have impacted every aspect of our lives so Athelas decided to take it one step further. 

Athelas develops an in-home blood diagnostic device designed to monitor the immune system from a drop of blood. Its in-home blood diagnostic device is a portable optical unit for sample imaging and also analyzes blood cells and generates diagnostic reports helping doctors to identify leukemia, infections, and inflammatory diseases early, enabling patients to keep a check on their immunity level from home.

Along with this, Athelas also uses smart predictive analysis and maintains a personal dashboard to help users plan diets, medicinal treatment and exercise routines according to health parameters that are measured. 

Athelas has been cleared by the FDA and has signed a partnership agreement with all California State hospitals to ensure smart maintenance and sharing of health data of patients.


You know how signing up to healthcare, diet and exercise programs is taxing and a barrage of endless emails. Enter Levels.

Levels tracks your blood glucose levels and by parameterising your glucose-metabolic levels, it regulates your sleep, diet, exercise and maximises all the parameters which promote a longer life.

There are 100m+ American adults with pre-diabetes and 84% of them don’t know it. The CDC thinks 70% of those people will transition to Type 2 diabetes in the next 5-10 years if they don’t make some changes. Levels founder, Josh Clemente, wants to lead a change for a healthier America and eventually the world using Levels. 

It’s as easy as putting on an arm patch and Levels is also planning to collaborate with doctors, clinics and hospitals to make their data more transparent and shareable promoting easier seamless integration with customer diets.

The Best Roles This Week 🎮


HBCuVC - Summer VC Internship | Nothing is stronger than a community investing in itself. 

Uber -  Marketing Associate Intern 

Gainful - Social Media Intern (NYC) | Changing the way you shop nutrition products

Pitchbook - Research Intern (Seattle)

Full Time Opportunities

Rivian - Junior Product Designer (Palo Alto) | Electric Adventure Vehicles

Techstars - Program Manager (LA) | Global platform for investment and innovation

Olive - Software Engineer (NYC) | RPA + AI workforce AI

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